Criminal Defense

Expert Criminal Defense Attorney

Tolley Law is your premier destination for criminal defense, particularly if you live along or near the Gulf Coast.

Criminal Defense is the primary practice of Tolley Law. Mr. Tolley has been representing the criminally accused continually since the late 1980’s while in law school.

“If the police and courts don’t respect the Constitution, why should the people respect the law?” Mr. Tolley coined this slogan as part his political campaign for criminal court Judge in 2010.

Too many of today’s leaders are “Big Government” particularly when it comes “Law and Order” and forget this basic social compact that helped to form our nation. It remains the hallmark of the Tolley Law firm to this day.

Leadership must begin somewhere and Tolley Law takes it’s duty to force the Government to first respect the Law and, secondly, to execute it’s power with “clean hands” very seriously.

Tolley Law has represented all types of clients for practically every type of crime.

Tolley Law handles criminal cases from pre-trial, through trial and sentencing; as well as criminal appeals, post-convictions and habeas corpus matters.

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