DUI and Drug Cases

Experienced Drug Case and DUI Attorney

Tolley Law has an unparalleled record in defending DUI and drug cases. Tolley law has handled hundreds of DUI and drug cases through trials, sentencing and appeals.

Tolley Law handles pre-trial motions to suppress and/or to limit evidence issues in upwards of 50% of it’s DUI and drug cases.

DUI Cases and Alabama Law

DUI cases often present more issues than even homicide cases. Legislatures, influenced by lobbyists, have passed new DUI laws and restrictions every year for decades compounding the need for litigation.

Alabama itself, just passed a new ignition interlock law for those registering above a .15 BAC on even the first offense. This will create a whole new industry in Alabama.

Anatomy of a DUI Arrest

In DUI’s both the defendant’s and the officer’s actions and words are generally recorded by video. The officer’s observations are written separately. Defendants are “offered” both BAC tests and a battery of physical agility testing known as “field sobriety testing”, all of which can be refused. Some with consequences.

DUI and Drug Case Administration

Tolley law also handles the administrative side of these cases in defending driving privileges and restrictions.

Techincalities of DUI and Drug Arrest Cases Include:

  • consent to administer the BAC
  • the admissibility of field sobriety testing
  • probable cause for the stop or frisk
  • probable cause to then arrest for a specific infraction and to seize one’s person
  • the legality of roadblocks
  • the voluntariness of admissions or confessions to police
  • the suppression of physical evidence and testimony
  • the legality and scope of search and arrest warrants
  • violations of the knock and announce rule
  • the admissibility of all evidence
  • the admissibility of medical records or government reports
  • the reliability of canines and their handlers
  • police misconduct
  • untimely indictments
  • insufficient charging instruments and reports
  • mistakes in criminal complaints
  • police reports and indictments
  • Fourth Amendment violations
  • Sixth Amendment violations
  • Due Process violations
  • Brady (discovery) violations

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