Memphis shootout July 3

Preliminary hearing had yesterday in case of 3 men charged with shooting up a house and one man in the leg during BBQ “festivities” after an argument earlier in the day. General Sessions Criminal 13 judge finds probable cause, as charged, for six counts of Criminal Attempt 1st degree Murder and six counts of Employing a Firearm during a dangerous Felony.
No one could identify who the shooter, supposedly armed with a beamed assault rifle, was. Shell casings were found both in the yard of the home where the party was and over 100 yards away at a vacant home.
Though the police took great pains to obtain statements, none of the young men admitted to having an assault rifle. Two witnesses testified that they presumed it was the young men they had a dispute with earlier in the day. No weapons were found linking the defendants, but the police did recover a weapon from a shooter at the BBQ party. A bullet is lodged in the victim’s leg and cannot be identified as to type. It is unclear how the State proved probable cause as to who the shooter(s) was or were and as to the element of premeditated intent to kill.
The young men remain in the Shelby County Jail on bonds of $250,000, waiting an average of four to six months for indictment.
A witness testified that shootings are common in the neighborhood, so common he can tell the type of weapon being fired though not owning a handgun himself.
Live from 201 Poplar.

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